Friday, September 30, 2011

for my students

Greetings from University of Oregon,

Congratulations! You are currently a nominee for the Fall 2011 ‘Web Skills’ course, made possible by a tuition scholarship from the U.S. Department of State. The course will take place Fall Term 2011 (September 26 – December 2, 2011).

This 10-week online course is offered through the University of Oregon, Linguistics Department, American English Institute (UO AEI).

Funny Event

I am very much happy to have this opportunity to learn the way I have never used. But I know a bit about it and how we have to get along.

Students do not get opportunity to sit in the class with hi-tech especially in some small towns or cities of Nepal. There are still many colleges as well as schools where students do not know much about internet usage as well.

When I asked one of my students to ask his all friends write on a paper with their email IDs and facebook addresses, they were surprised as well as a bit shocked about why I was asking them to write about their emails. Many of them wrote wrong IDs, some of them hesitated to share their IDs in the beginning but when I disclosed the reason why I was asking (simply to share the things what I learn online), everybody felt shame and they insisted to write again.

They were simply afraid whether the principal sir was going to scold them for passing their time on internet without giving time for studies.

When I informed them that I was granted an opportunity to do online course, they clapped for me and congratulated me.