Friday, December 2, 2011

Advice to the future participants by María Eugenia Balderrama Rocha

Hello everybody,

My coursemates have already given wonderful pieces of advice. I am sure new participants will have a wonderful time if they take the wise advice. I can mention some that worked well with me or may have helped me even more:

1. Read the instructions carefully before working on a task.
2. Focus on the topic(s) or activity.
3. If you have any questions, don't feel afraid to ask them. You are not supposed to know everything and we are all learning new things.
4. Have a file where you keep the most important information and links related to this course.
5. Ask for some pieces of advice to administer time and work on the different tasks more wisely at the very beginning or when you feel the need.
6. Do not wait until the last minute (unless it is an emergency or you really lack of time).
7. Take this course when you have a vacation. It is even more fruitful when you have enough time to work on the different activities and read the material.
8. Enjoy every activity. It is unique!

If I had to go back in time, Nº 3, 4, and 5 would help me a lot.

Warm regards,

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