Saturday, December 3, 2011

LoTi Framework

After reading the LoTi Framework at
(, I came to know about different levels of LoTi Frameworks like

LoTi Level 0 - Non-use

LoTi Level 1 - Awareness

LoTi Level 2 - Exploration

Level 3 - Infusion

Level 4a – Integration: Mechanical

Level 4b – Integration: Routine

Level 5 - Expansion, and

Level 6 - Refinement.

Then I came to realize that I'm in Level 1 - Awareness. I usually make use of computer or the Internet in my teaching activities to expose my students to real world situation. I also make them listen accent of native speakers, conversation between two, and I also make them sit with myself to watch video clips or movies which are related with developing English skills of the students.

I know this level (1 Awareness) is not the level where I should be. I want to reach each level one after another quickly so that I could do something innovative in my limitation using all the resources that I have.

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