Friday, December 2, 2011

Advice to the future participants by Dipendra Prasad Kanu

Hi Robert,

Everybody has already given their precious advice to the future participants.

5 pieces of sound advice of Avraham Roos, website addresses of Roza Zhussupova with nice suggestions, list of what Elmira Ilizarova has learnt and the do's and don'ts of Elmira Ilizarova, ten tips of Masafumi Kosaka, some important points of Johanes L. Taloko, six tips of Mun Sim Jeon, addition to the do's and don'ts tips by Roza Ibrahim, 11 tips by Yariela Cantarero and lots of useful tips by other friends have said much but I also want to share something from my side.

1st: Spare enough time for your learning.
2nd: Have cool mind to study with no pressure at all.
3rd: Keep the deadline and topics in mind even if you're offline.
4th: Write comments or your views on the first reading of the text, because you'll not have time for second reading.
5th: Keep in continuous touch with your international friends and share on their blogs.
6th: Bookmark all the useful sites which you may need later.
7th: Keep in touch with your instructor.
8th: Don't give up. Look back sometimes to see you are ahead of at least someone.
9th: Integrate technology in your teaching right after you learn. Don't pen down for tomorrow.
10th: Be informed of what is going on all around like Nicenet, google-sites, Jupitergrades, blogs, pages of friends, Wikis, Inbox (emails), comments of others on your comments, etc.
11th: Save passwords and usernames of the accounts you make during your learning at various places like diary, notepad, email draft, etc.
12th: Be ready for much more learning next week than this week.
13th: Keep the list of class members with their emails.
14th: Print all the important information that you may need every week.

These are the things that came out from my mind for the future participants. Had I known about these suggestions, I would have done much better than this.

I've used some color so that it's easy for you to read but if it disturbs, I'm sorry for that.

Deep, Nepal

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