Friday, December 2, 2011

Advice to the future participants by Yariela Cantarero

My advice to future participants

1.   Never say never: Sometimes we face issues we think they are imposible to reach, but believe me, it is not true. You must try and give a second and even a third try and you will get it.

2.   Organize your works, it is better to have everything in your computer or i-phone right there on hands in order to change or do something faster. For examples: links, webs, notes, tasks to have a reminder of what you have to do next.

3.   Read and search. Not only stay with what the course offer. Also, try to look into books or articles from other authors, it will help you a lot in clarifying concepts you may see confusing to understand.

4.   Be critical with yourself before sending any task.

5.   Learn from your classmates. Wow! I learned a lot from others.

6.   Be open to changes.

7.   Try to avoid typing right on the wall or net you were assigned to send your works. I kept everything in my cellphone and laptop with links and notes. So I can have a backup just in case of any accident.

8.   Remember that this should facilitate your work as teacher not to stress you up more, so be positive and enjoy whatever you must do every week.

9.   Be creative and yourself whenever you have to do something here in the course. It helps you more in the sense that your tutor can have a better idea of what you do and what you learn and what you need to improve.

10.   Feel passion for what you do everyday so people can feel it when they read a task you do here.

11.   Remember that whatever you learn here is not only for your own benefit but for all the community you belong to.

I feel glad and happy with the team I worked with. Thanks guys.


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